What Is the Size of a Gravit Designer?

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What is the size of a gravit designer?

I would like to address this question from my perspective and any physicist who wants to chirp in - the comment section is all yours
 Be my guest - just have the confidence to make your comments using your real name and credentials. In order for Gordon’s Theory of Everything to be panned by physicists, at least two physicists have to read it. I assure that no one has read the 350 page book that contains my theory. The book is not easy reading despite the fact that the math is relatively simple. The reason why is because physicists have been taking the math t use and the parameter t use in their current theories for granted. The missing aspect of physics is the origin to parameter such as distance, the quality of “straight”, the parameter of charge. Also missing is how spacetime has three spatial dimensions? Why the math exists in the way it does to express these dimensions? What creates a dimension? What creates the laws of trigonometry and geometry? This is quite a bit of missing knowledge and the only way to learn these answers is by going through a learning process I call “The Ruby Slipper Conundrum” which has been the biggest obstacle to finding the theory of everything for the past 100 years, including all the greatest physicists during this era. Getting back to the question at hand - In order for Gordon’s Theory of Everything to be panned by physicists,
 I don’t believe it has been panned by any physicists because no physicist has ever read the book. Now I am to blame for this as a matter of design on my part. I knew that the title of my book “The GOD Entity. Gordon’s Theory of Everything” would be like kryptonite for physicists for two reasons, (the first reason I knew about, the second was just a bonus). 1) It has GOD in the title even though it is an acronym for the Gordon Omnipresent Dot which is mathematically defined and 2) It contains my name which apparently physicists hate it when you name things after yourself (In the field of medicine, we do that all the time - I am an orthopedic surgeon). So when a physicist took one look at my book’s cover, it was over - all t saw was what t wanted to see - another worthless book written by a non-physicist kook who thinks he solved the theory of everything. But that was okay because I published the book as a timestamp for when the theory of everything was found. I actually wanted some time to pass before either physicists realize I am correct or someone independently solve the theory of everything. (There is only one answer!) This is a very important discovery and the temptation to steal it would be huge. The added time between the publishing of my book and the time the theory of everything is realized would make it much more difficult for anyone to claim t solved it first. History is full of backstabbing scientists and since I am not a physicist, it would be easy for people to believe that it was a physicist and not me that solved the theory of everything. Because of the arrogance of the academic physics community, I was able to secure my work even more. Anonymous physicists have publicly stated that the the GOD equation is “factually incorrect”. I was out-ruled by the experts in physics when t said the GOD equation is nonsense - even though t never read my book. The government is not interested in “factually incorrect” equations, t are only interested in preventing “real” equations from being trademarked. Do you see that little trademark next to my GOD equation? Yes - The GOD equation is a protected trademark. This is the one-inch equation that Michio Kaku predicted would be the key to the theory of everything. He also predicted that the theory of everything would eventually be solved and that its solution would come from a place totally unexpected. Now ask youself this question
 How many physicists of Einstein’s day in 1904 would have read E = mc^2 and said it was factually incorrect? (especially without reading his paper) When Physicists realize that Gordon’s Theory of Everything is correct, t will not be allowed to print, publish, or teach the GOD Equation without licensing the rights from me to do so. I guess there will be some physicists who may start believing in God because I predict there will be more than a few that will be getting on their knees praying that Gordon’s Theory of Everything is wrong. Good luck with that! So any physicist who want to read my book for the purpose of panning my theory
 Be my guest. Just step up to the plate, state your name, and make your case. Go ahead
 I dare you! In the meantime I will be creating videos teaching my theory. I wil be starting the race in physics as the Gordon model is advanced through the entire field of physics answering all the mysteries that need to be answered.

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The last thing an anonymous scientist has to do is to read my book. If you want to see the problem-s of the math from the math you perspective then you have to learn that there is no math behind the GOD Equations equation's.