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What is the best and safest way to insert a one-page PDF document (signature page) into a large multi-page PDF document (dissertation), while maintaining all options of the latter, including ISO 19005-1 compliance (PDF/A)?

The precise answer to your question “What is the best format for a dissertation?” is “PDF”. Also, the best way to create that PDF document is, almost certainly but without knowing the context here, LaTeX. So, you are doing the right thing here. Why on Earth your advisor would tell you to submit your thesis in a different format is a mystery to me! You could however ask him which format he would prefer. If I were you, then I would check your university’s official thesis submission requirements, and if t do not rule out PDFs, then ignore your advisor and submit your thesis in your PDF format. Unlike the [unprofessional] Word formats, PDF is universally portable, readable, stable - and annotatable. If the committee members are professional academics, then t will not see anything wrong with this, and if t do, then t are free to waste paper by printing out your thesis for themselves. I understand that ignoring your advisor might be difficult but, unless the rules are against PDF submissions, then you are in the right and your advisor is in the wrong.

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Rearrange PDF Pages: All You Need to Know

In the end, there will be people who agree with your viewpoint, and there will be people who disagree. If you want an easy way to submit your thesis in a PDF format, then do so. However, if you do, then the people you are writing you thesis for are not professional academics — and it is a shame that â¢the the best way to create this format is the language of mathematics. (If you can not figure out how to submit your thesis in PDF, do not submit it as a thesis. Instead, e-mail it to several people and see what happens.) To summarize: (1) if the submission committee says to accept your thesis in PDF format, then do so (2) if the submission committee says not to accept your thesis in PDF format, then do not submit it to them (2.1) do not submit your thesis in Word format (3).

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