How Do I Use Android Smartphone More Efficiently?

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How do I Use Android Smartphone More Efficiently?

Organize apps into folders Figure out what programs you want to rely on for the following. Mail Client Tasks Calendar Reminders Notes Finances (Simplifi) Password Keeper (Last Pass) Office Apps - Microsoft/ Google / Apple Recipe Organizer (Paprika) Books Music Download at least three web browsers. I choose the following. Safari Firefox Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Maxtor create user ID for each of the browsers so your browsing and password can be stored and shared. Choose one browser to log in to your bills and pay. Use password app to keep to with your user accounts. Use your phone to scan documents and receipts. I organize the scans in folders by year and then month. I use onedrive to scan my receipts as pdf documents. Create another folder on your phone for all apps for your credit cards, bills, banks, investments. Put all your social media in one folder. Easier to keep up. Get twitter if you don’t have it so you can stay current with real issues live and start following. Use tweetbot - it keeps all of your following tweets in a newsfeed and keeps you bookmarked to where you left off so you don’t miss an important tweet. Decide whom you will buy music and books from and stick to it. Apple for music and Amazon for books for me. Lastly, make a backup plan for your phone and you may choose something like Shutterfly or Google Photos to back up your pics.

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Step 7 Step 8 Do you want to organize your stuff on your own, or are you looking for some help, or what other projects are on your mind? Start by creating a folder to store your money, bills, receipts. Etc. Once you have made the folders it will be easier to find when you want to make a donation, or need to buy music/books. I like making folders for my bills, receipts, and money that you can just look up later if you want. I find that it makes it easier to do the whole donation process than having different folders for my receipts, bills, or any of my financial obligations. Step 8 step 9 Once you are done with these steps, you will have one folder on your phone for all your programs and online accounts — and have access to them in the system, whether on your PC, or iPhone. Your files can be.