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I am not sure what you are referring to as a “BTS,” but I can explain Korea’s situation with English. Koreans want to learn English. T know how important it is. There is an English school on almost every corner of Seoul. Kids get English classes at school and also go to English classes after school. T bring native speakers of English to teach them English. T recruit people to come from other countries to teach them to speak English. If a Korean wants a good job out of the university, t must have a good score on the TOEIC, a big English test. However, t have several road blocks that make it hard. First of all, their language is further away from English than any I have studied. I speak 6 languages, but have studied several more. Their concepts of what grammar is, what a sentence is, what punctuation is, etc. are completely foreign to English. The gap t must cross is much wider than most people must pass, and it takes much more perseverance and patience to wait and get to the point t can speak. The American government classifies Korean the second hardest language in the world for native speakers of English to learn to speak, and that is because it is so far away from English. Thee are other obstacles too. That TOEIC test is actually an obstacle and not a help for learning English. The teachers are so busy trying to teach the students strategies for passing the test that t don;t actually get around to teaching them to speak English. Even if a student has a high score on that test. it doesn’t mean t can speak English. I think t should do away with the TOEIC, but it isn’t my country, and it is part of the system. The just got another roadblock. The parents are conscious of the fact that their kids have to learn to speak English that the parents get crazy with trying to make sure their kids learn to speak English. The begin pushing them into English before t ever begin school. T scare the kids about English, and some little kids feel overwhelmed when the parents begin talking to them about English. The government has outlawed teaching anyone English before the third or fourth grade. The government is saying t have to have a good understanding of Korean before t can study English, and t actually made a law to try to stop the parents from pushing their kids so hard. Another problem t have is that t hire teachers of English from other countries merely on the fact that t are native speakers of English. Some may actually be English teachers because I am, but many are not. T have no idea where to begin to teach English and can’t speak Korean. Some don’t even understand English grammar, and many have called me asking me to explain it to them so t can teach. The Koreans are under the impression that t can give this native speaker of English who doesn’t understand language at all a hard English book and have them get up and teach English using the English language and the students have to struggle to figure out what the teacher is saying. T give students who don’t speak English at all to teachers who don’t speak Korean at all and don’t know how to teach language. It is like throwing a handful of pebbles up in the air and expecting them to come down and kill all your enemies, but the enemies are busy hiding under umbrellas. there is effort taking place, but no one is winning the war. In short, I really don’t think most Koreans know what t are doing when it comes to language or t wouldn’t be hiring teaching who don’t know what t are talking about and can’t talk to their students. T wouldn’t be giving that silly TOEIC test either. T put a lot of effort in without getting much in return. When I was a student at the university in America, one of my professors said to me that we need to learn to work smart, and then we won’t have to work so hard, but Koreans don’t know how to do that. T know that there is a big gap, but t don’t know how to cross it, and t will not listen to any foreigner who tries to tell them how. T think Koreans are the smartest people in the world. I have had the president of the university where I taught tell me that very thing. He was sure that no one in the world except Koreans could ever come up to the Korean standards because he though Koreans were smarter than everyone else in the world. If people think t are the smartest, no one can help them. T will continue struggling until t figure out how to do it or until someone finally figures out that someone else knows what t are doing. Koreans are trying, but not that much has come of it except sweat. Many of them go to school overseas. T go back able to speak English, and regardless of the subject t were studying, t are put in as English teachers in Korea. My boss at the university studied Linguistics in Korea, and then went to America because she was able to get a scholarship to study Theology. She studied Theology in English. The way she passed the English part was to get the other students to read her work and correct it before she turned it in. She can’t get English sentences correct and has no idea what a thesis sentence or topic sentence is, but t put her in as the head of the English Department here because she had a degree from America. She was telling me which books to use to teach from and what to teach. All my degrees are in teaching English from American universities, and I am a native speaker of English, but my ideas were never heard. I had to do it their way with trying to sneak some of what I was taught to teach in too. I had to hit a balance to actually teach and make them happy.

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